Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Newborn Tipping Point

I've about hit the newborn tipping point with Lulu. Y'know how it is, they are a blob, happy to sit in their infant car seat. Prisoners of their own lack of motor skills. Hand luggage that pees and poops. In Lulu's short 7 months of life she has been to: a Hollywood movie premiere, a VIP screening of Sex and the City, a winetasting at the Beverly Hilton, a fundraiser luncheon in Beverly Hills, hair salons, nail salons, my massage appointment, an entertainment industry mixer at a bar and I'm sure lots more I'm not remembering at the moment. The ultimate Hollywood accessory. The baby. She sure helps on the networking end of things. The best ice breaker, "how old is your baby?"

Well, those days are over, almost, pretty much. She squirmed her way through my dentist appointment yesterday. She wants out of that bucket she's been sitting in. O-U-T. Just this week, she started to crawl. Places to go, and fish to fry, that's her new agenda. More alert, more awake to the world. Just the first of a series of tipping points yet to come. I'm already missing my little baby and she's still in size 2 diapers....


Karen said...

I'm loving your writing, Elizabeth!! Can't wait to read more.

UK.Mummy said...

Again you've made me feel the sting of tears in my eyes as
I totally connected with your writing. Our babies are growing so fast... I'm off to cuddle up next to him, while he naps and surrender to this precious time.
Thanks XXX