Sunday, September 7, 2008


Someone once told me that "remodel" was a four letter word. The reason for my prolonged absence has partially to do with our remodel. Here is what we have been through this past week:

1. A fireplace mantel was designed and installed that is so oddly short, that I think my contractor had been overcome by paint fumes when he decided it, "looked ok." (It's being changed this week)
2. Me stepping out of the shower to be greeted by a workman coming in to use the head. He said, "he knocked." That's what I get for being too cheap to rent a Porta-John.
3. Nails in my driveway.
4. Construction crap in my GREEN Recycle bin. (It was removed upon my mentioning it to them)
5. Random half drunk beverages all over my garage, walk way, garden, etc. Why can't workmen finish a drink and/or find a trash can?
6. My 5 gallon jugs of water I get delivered for my cooler, all covered with stucco. Uh, hello? Tarp?
7. News that everything is going to take longer and cost more than they thought.
8. A sagging ceiling when they removed a beam they "didn't know was for support"?
9. Dust
10. More dust

One funny thing, my contractor's two workers have the same name: Jorge Fuentes and they aren't related. Jorge is from Mexico and Jorge is from Honduras.

I'm sure it's going to look fabulous, I just wish they'd be done already....

Thanks for bearing with me.


Jessica Gottlieb said...

Okay, this won't delight you but my backyard remodel (includes structures and whatnot) came in under budget and two weeks early. The contractor timed it to coincide with our 10th anniversary.

Yes, I'll give you his name.

Elizabeth said...

The phrase "a day late and a dollar short" comes to mind. But THANKS, Jessica ;)
But, I'll take his name for Phase IV of the never-ending-remodel.