Monday, February 16, 2009

2 moms 2 kids and 1 Thomas

I have a mom named Edith in my orbit who is about as tired and slammed as I am. We are both in the same moms group and have kids the same ages. Her son and my son are in the same preschool class. We connect at various points during the week at various activities. We usually have a baby strapped to our chests like artillery in an ergo baby carrier and we are chasing the older ones. So our conversations are in 10 second bits. I recently was offered the opportunity to go see Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage: A Circus Comes to Town at the Nokia Theater, it included tickets for 4. So I immediately thought of Edith and her 2 yr old Hank as I knew Hank was a big fan of Thomas The Tank Engine. We picked them up and with Chip and Hank strapped into the back with the DVD player going, Edith and I had time to chat for a whole half hour! Then we got to the Nokia and found our seats. The show was pretty good, but to be honest, for 2.5 yr olds, it was a bit too hard to follow. The kids loved seeing the trains but faded out with the heavy dialogue. If there had been a LOT more train action and a LOT less standing around and talking, the show would have been a hit with the 2 yr olds. I had a friend who was also at the show and she agreed that her 3 year old twins weren't very into it, but her 6 yr old really like it. Thomas and Friends is heading across the country, chugging into a town near you. Check it out, but I recommend you bring a kindergartner or a mature 4 yr old at the youngest.

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