Saturday, April 7, 2012

Unhappy Hunting–Easter Edition

EasterTomorrow is Easter. Hopefully all Easter Egg hunts that take place tomorrow will go off without a hitch and without obnoxious parents. Three years ago I wrote Easter as a Competitive Event for The Los Angeles Moms Blog. Back then, the stories of Easter Egg hunts gone wrong were mostly confined to parents talking amongst themselves and parent message groups. This year, I’m seeing it in the MSM (main stream media). Have we hit a tipping point or is traditional media just late to the game? Whatever, it appears the problem isn’t going away. Nationwide, hunts are being canceled, elaborate rules about parents “helping” in the hunts and press conferences by public officials warning of tightened security is this year’s big holiday story. I saw the following on the ABC Evening News. It seems some parents need to ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?” Happy Easter!

Rotten Eggs: Parents Blamed for Canceled Easter Hunts on ABC News

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