Thursday, September 26, 2013

LA County Fair– final weekend

Blue_NoDate_000I have only been to the LA County Fair once. It was years ago, before we had kids. Since having kids, I have wanted to go, but something kid related always seems to keep us from getting there! I’m pleased to say, we are going this weekend. The last weekend of the fair…But there still is time! The fair opened on August 30 and closes this Sunday September 29. The LA County Fairgrounds are in Pomona, close to several freeways. If you aren’t up for driving, or traffic, I noticed you can take Metrolink Trains that run between Los Angeles and San Bernardino and take a free shuttle right to the gate.

longviewofgroundsOnce you are there, the variety of things you can do is rather mind boggling. You have to tell yourself you can’t do it all and try to make a plan. The hours vary during the course of the fair and depending on the day of the week. Saturday has the longest openingdeepfriedtwinkies hours, from 10am-midnight. Considering how hot it is this time of year, we are planning on attending at least part of the day when the sun is down. The fair’s website is extremely well done and includes lots of information. I recommend Free Fair Stuff from A-Z, Plan Your Visit, Daily Event Schedule, and Promotions & Discounts. There is also an LA County Fair app for iPhone, iPad and Android that I plan on downloading. It’s a kick that the site has a search function for type of food. I selected “Fried Food” from the pull down menu and before me appeared a comprehensive list of offerings and locations. I’ve decided I’m going to try to sample a deep friend cheesecake and/or a deep fried Klondike bar because they strike me as the most insane. Or maybe I’m just hungry right now…

Since I actually haven’t been yet, I can’t do a review. I decided to give links to posts from some of my favorite So Cal bloggers.llama Check out: Caryn Bailey on CBS Los Angeles, Tee on That’s It Mommy, Liz on Family is Familia and Jennifer on Toddler Trails. I discovered some great info on those posts! I’m most looking forward to seeing the animals. I remember having a blast at the petting zoo several years ago. I’m also hoping to get to see The Star Trek Exhibition, Wilderness Ridge and this weekend’s Asian Festival.

Disclosure: I was given tickets and parking for the LA County Fair

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