Thursday, July 10, 2008

Traded my BMW for a Minivan

The BMW suddenly was so small. When I had JUST ONE BABY, I could get by fine. Still room for an adult to sit in the back seat, stroller fit comfortably in the trunk. But, then I GOT PREGNANT AGAIN when #1 was just 10 months old. Nine months later, I had two babies in the backseat. It was time to start to let go. Gosh, I loved that car. Stickshift, powerful engine, zipped in and out of traffic and all around town. I didn't want to be one of THOSE moms. THOSE moms drove minivans. That wasn't ME. But then I started to dream....My nights and days were full of one obsession: SLIDING POWER DOORS.

That's all I wanted. SLIDING POWER DOORS. I had to have them. The baby in the infant seat, the toddler squirming around, my arms full, my backbending gymnastics trying to weasel them into the BMW. If only I could have those SLIDING POWER DOORS, my life as a mom would change. I would be at peace.

So, it happened. I traded my BMW for a minivan but still look wistfully in my rearview mirror at the BMW life I left behind.

But, oh, yeah....I love those sliding doors.


heathergothitched said...

Too funny! Now I want to trade my Ford Explorer (not quite as fancy or exciting as a BMW!) for a minivan with sliding doors AND automatic trunk thing-y! I'm too young to be a "minivan mom" but I'm also too outa shape to throw each kid into that high SUV!

Love always,

Karen Putz said...

I learned to love my Odyssey. Just remember, someday you'll be able to tool around in a convertible minus kids. They do grow up and move away. :)