Friday, July 25, 2008

Wiseguy at my door

Joe walked in and looked like he'd just walked off an episode of the Sopranos--sounded like it, too. In his e-mail, he'd offered to meet in a public place--I said no need. He paid in cash and took everything.

He oohed and ahhhed over my Ralph Lauren sleepers and was impressed with my selection of European baby clothes. I explained my MIL lives in Sweden. He was interested to hear about European sizing. Finally, I had to ask where he was from, the accent was familiar. "Rhode Island", he says.

Ah-ha! My tribe! I spent my formative years in Providence, RI. We went back and forth about all the Only-In-Rhode-Island stuff People-From-Rhode-Island talk about when they find themselves face to face with one of their own Far-From-Rhode-Island. And yeah, the Italian Food in LA sucks. Find me some decent marinara sauce. Please.

We had only exchanged e-mails previously. On a hot tip from one of my mommy message boards, I heard about this Joe, a guy who buys baby clothes to re-sell on Ebay. I was all over it, dying to unload Chip's 0-18 mos wardrobe. I asked why he offered to meet me in a public place, which I had thought a bit "odd" when I read it in his e-mail. He tells me that when he talks to moms on the phone, he has found out that his voice and accent are somewhat intimidating. So he has gotten in the habit of offering to meet someplace neutral. [Ok, I guess he does sound really intimidating] He explains he just likes selling baby clothes. He paid cash. I ask no more questions.

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