Thursday, October 30, 2008

Come Aboard...We're Expecting You!

My in-laws left today for a cruise. For most of the morning, I tortured them with the theme from "The Love Boat", the swell show that ran from 1977-1986. Love, exciting and new....Come aboard we're expecting you! Love, life's sweetest reward, let it flow, it flows back to you!

Now I can't get that damned song out of my head! I've been hearing it all day. I'm belting it out in the car...Set a course for adventure your mind on a new romance. Chip and Lulu have been giving me weird looks. Love won't hurt anymore... Surfer Guy came home from work to the love boat soon will be making another run... And now he's singing it in the other room. We did a duet in the kitchen for the kids just before dinner. This song is stuck. And I don't even like it much. I was being annoying to my in-laws on purpose and this is what happened. It's karma.

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April said...

Great. Now it's in my head, too!