Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day With No Turkey

Thanksgiving was cancelled today. Well, for us, as this is my blog. There was foreshadowing. At about noon on Monday, Chip said he felt sick. Shortly thereafter he barfed on Lulu. I gotta describe this barf: it was all over her little 10 month old head, like a cap. It dripped down her back. Chip is lying there with barf all over his shirt. Triage? Yes. I ran to the phone as my mother-in-law (MIL) is visiting and had just stepped out to the store. MIL came back and bathed Lulu while I cleaned up Chip and all the BARF. Even after bathing Lulu, both my MIL and I thought she still smelled like barf. Eeeeuw.

Thus the stage was set. This stomach bug has been on my mommy radar. My mommy sites, facebook friends, I knew it was about and it was ugly. The problem with a two year old...He doesn't tell you when he needs to BARF. So six sets of sheets, copious amounts of towels, two mattress pads later.....

4 ay-em yesterday it hit me. I'll spare you the details. Surfer Guy called into work that he'd be late. I was really freaking sick. MIL was busy doing laundry as Chip was continuing to ruin all manners of linens. Then about noon yesterday it hit Surfer Guy. The jig was up. I really don't remember much of the next 24 hours other than MIL saying she thinks we should postpone Thanksgiving. Luckily Lulu and MIL remained unaffected.

This morning we all emerged feeling mostly better and clearly through the worst of it. I'm still tired and drained, but it really was a 24 hr bug for Surfer Guy and myself. A 48 hr bug for Chip. Thanksgiving is still to come, the meal at least. For now I'm so very thankful that we made it through.


April said...

Oh, that sounds awful! I hope you're feeling better and can still salvage your holiday weekend.

Anonymous said... finally hit you. I have serious empathy for you and having almost your entire crew go through it.