Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Chevy Traverse Hollywood Test Drive

General Motors kindly lent me their new crossover, the 8-passenger Chevrolet Traverse to take on a one week test drive. I've just begun to re-emerge from the haze of having two babies within 19 months and get back a little bit of my old life. That life included living in West Hollywood and driving a cool car. I now live in the suburbs and drive a really practical car. The first night I had the Traverse, I headed off to a screening of a friend's film at a theater on the Sunset Strip. I left my husband in charge of the babies, and ran out the door towards my new Chevy. I backed out of the driveway and pointed the car in the direction of my old life. My first car was a Chevrolet with red velour interior and an 8-track player. How I loved that car!

I zipped up to Hollywood in the Traverse. Great visibility and handling. I loved the XM radio and the vast array of channels offered. I pulled easily into a parking space and hooked up with my tragically hip friend Matt just in time for the movie to start. As we were walking out of the theater, my college buddy Camille texted me: "Do u want 2 goto a party in the Hills?" It was already past my bedtime, and I considered bailing out. But then thought: my old self would totally go. So I texted back: "pick u up in 10 min". Matt was up for it too, but in totally LA fashion, he wanted to go in his own car. So we caravaned to Camille's place. Via the built-in Bluetooth I was able to converse hands free with Matt. Camille jumped in and pulled out a scrap of paper with the address. "Whose house is it?" I asked. "I don't know, some movie producer. My friend Tatiana said it's going to be a great party, she can't go because she just got a face peel and she looks scary and is staying home." Camille replied. "Oh...Ok" I said. I pushed the OnStar button and within seconds had turn by turn directions to the producer's house.

The OnStar totally saved us as we twisted our way up into the hills, Matt following closely. The streets kept changing names and I got more and more disoriented in the dark with all the hairpin turns. We pulled up to the gated driveway and were greeted by a valet parking attendant. I actually felt very cool in my Traverse. Into the party we went. Huge swimming pool, massive Spanish style house. We made our way through the Hollywood scene before us. I saw a few familiar faces and did the whole big smile with the "Hi, how are you?!" as we worked our way to the bar. Finally, we secured beverages and headed to the patio to take in the amazing view. On the way, I overhead someone introducing their friend. The friend had the same name as my baby daughter, a fairly unusual name that is unisex. I stopped and said, "Oh, my gosh! My baby has the same name as you!" Totally-hot-guy-with-the-same-name-as-my-daughter looks at me, smiles and says, "Right on!" Um, hello, I'm a dork, I think to myself. Why did I have to say something as lame as that? I slinked off to a far corner of the patio, determined to get my game back on.

Matt caught up with me and handed me a drink. I was now double fisting my cocktails. I looked down into my two drinks and up at the party. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to go home. I left Matt chatting up a cute chick and looked around for Camille. She was nowhere to be found. My mom instinct took over. I texted Matt: "Can u take Camille home?" He responded: "Yes" I next texted Camille: "I'm out--Matt will give u ride." My job done, I wove my way through the throng. Waving at people I knew. Out past the huge swimming pool. Moving faster, past the cabana. Really fast, through the courtyard. Even faster through the Spanish archways, up the driveway, to the gate. It was after midnight and people were still coming into the party. The valet pulled up in my Traverse. I hopped in and instinctively glanced at the empty car seats in the second row. I headed down out of the hills and pointed the Traverse back in the direction of my new life confident that I had the right car to guide me-- no matter what life I wanted to have.

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