Sunday, November 30, 2008

Los Angeles Moms Blog Launch Party

As some of you may know, I am a contributor to the Los Angeles Moms Blog. We recently had our launch party at M Bar in Hollywood. Our blog slogan is "Yes They're Real" (not that common in LA ;) What a blast it was to finally meet some of my fellow mom bloggers in real life. As I was in charge of our gift bags, I had spent most of the previous two weeks working with our sponsors. The result was the most amazing array and variety of items any mom could want. You wanna know what was in the bag? Check out my Thank You Post on the LA Moms Blog.

GM was the party's official sponsor and they kindly provided me a Chevy Traverse to test drive the previous week. On the day of the event, they sent me a Traverse with a driver to chauffeur me and all our gift bags to Hollywood. When we arrived at M Bar, we were dropped off on the red carpet where we made our way through the papparazzi and were interviewed. Once inside we had cocktails and the opportunity to mingle with our fellow mom bloggers and invited guests including Dr. Linda Li of "Dr. 90210", Heather McDonald of "Chelsea Lately" and Daphne Brogdon of "Trading Spaces". We next sat down to dinner, whereby I took the opportunity to get up and work my way around the room to chat with several moms including Lolita Carrico of Modern Mom, Jessica Gottlieb and Florinda Pendley Vasquez .

Immediately following dinner, another mom, Amy Anderson took the stage and emceed an all mom comedy show. I think most of us laughed so hard because we could relate to all the crazy, embarrassing, unbelievable and true stories the mom-comics entertained us with. Alas, the party was over before any of us wanted it to be. We all headed out telling each other how much we wished we had gotten more time to talk. Everyone was absolutely thrilled with their gift bags and blown away by how much fun stuff was inside. I hopped back in my Traverse and away from the bright lights of Hollywood looking forward to the next gathering of all my Mommy Blogger buddies. [Check out all the pictures and more stories from our launch party here.]


Florinda said...

Thanks for the shout-out - AND for all the work you did on those swag bags! Hope to see you again soon, under slightly less hectic conditions :-).

Elias said...

What happened finally?