Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ELF Cosmetics Discount Code

I attended a blogging conference, BlogHer, this past weekend and met with some executives of E.L.F. Cosmetics (Eyes, Lips, Face). They have a very affordable make up line that has all items for $1. They have expanded to add bath and body, mineral and a studio line. All very affordable. Whole kits for under $20. I was given some items to sample. I must say that for $1-$4 the items are very good. I think the amounts are less than you would normally get from say MAC or Bobbi Brown. But, you aren't paying department store prices either. Plus, I don't usually finish a whole thing of make up anyway.

So, I'm not a huge make up user...I don't wear it everyday. Who has the time? The cool thing about E.L.F. make up is that you can try stuff out and not feel like you are throwing money away. I wanted to post this because I know a lot of us are trying to save money. Also, since E.L.F. is mostly available online only, it's not like you could check it out in person. I viewed their entire line and spoke with the creator for several minutes.

The E.L.F. execs provided us (bloggers) with a code that is valid for the next week. With any $10 order, they will include a free Mini Makeup Collection, which is regularly $15. So, you spend $10 and receive $25 worth of stuff. Good way to check it out. Here is the code: BLOGHER

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