Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Cops and Neighborhood Watch

hotdog_push Ah, Summer. My favorite season and one of the reasons I moved to LA....Endless Summer! Back in New England we call barbecues "cookouts". Whatever you call them in your neck of the woods, they usually always include hotdogs. Hot dogs are loved by people of all ages, convenient to eat, and quite tasty. As I prepared for this post, I decided I really wanted to provide my readers with some facts that cut the mustard: Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans will eat more than an estimated 7 billion hot dogs - enough to stretch from D.C. to L.A. over five times! Hot dog fans here in Los Angeles are known to garnish their franks with chili, but less than 40% surveyed actually reported using the savory topping. Though thousands of miles apart, those surveyed actually noted similar tastes to Chicago (where I was just a couple of weeks ago) residents with a preference for mustard (77%), ketchup (58%), relish (57%) and onions (56%). Finally, mustard was ranked as the topping of choice among both men (80%) and women (75%), while onions ranked second with 55% of men and ketchup ranked second with 60% of women. Interesting. I prefer my hot dog topped with spicy brown mustard.
I'm going to be frank with you, Oscar Mayer asked me if I'd be interested in having a cookout featuring their hot dogs and, by the way, they'd sponsor it. "Yes, yes, yes!" I said "And I have the perfect occasion." I'm captain of my Neighborhood Watch and we were planning our next meeting with some of my town's finest. Nothing brings the neighbors out like the news of a free neighborhood cookout and I knew the supply of wieners would be safe with about ten cops on hand. Neighborhood Watch (NW) is an excellent program and I strongly suggest everyone have a program on their block. NW isn't just about crime prevention. It's about knowing your neighbors, being involved with your community, watching out for each other (we have a number of elderly residents who live alone) and coming together in times of natural disaster. Be aware, be prepared and participate in civic life!Cops
When I was in Chicago a couple weeks back, I was able to ketchup with the WienerMobile in person. You can follow the adventures of the WienerMobile and the Hotdoggers who occupy it by going to their their blog I'm sorry, but you gotta just crack up when you see the WienerMobile rolling down the street at you. But, hey, any chance to smile is a chance I'll take!
IMG_2385 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs come in a pretty wide variety. I particularly relish the ALL Beef Bun Length ones. Because what is more annoying than bun overage? I mean really....You know you've been there. The Bun Length Hot Dogs solve that issue. I also learned that at Oscar Mayer "hot dogs" apron are really an umbrella term that includes "weiners" and "franks" under it. There are so many varieties, just go pick your favorite to put in your pun bun here. We had a successful neighborhood cookout, fed the men and women who serve us so bravely and enjoyed a glorious summer evening. All American and all good.


Anonymous said...

Bun underage is worse than bun overage. This too-high ratio of bread to meat is worse, IMO.

The photo looks like the cops all hung out together and I assume all the NW'ers hung out together. Was there any mingling?

Unknown said...

I too love spicy brown mustard and onions on my dawgs. Ever tried mayo? Will get chili when we are out, but at home it's classic all the way! G has taught me sliced pickles are very good...he will love Chi-town.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Anon,
Thanks for stopping by.

Regarding your first comment, I think I need a diagram.

Regarding your second comment...The event was over 2 hrs start to finish. I provided ONE pic of the event. If you must know, those cops in the pic are the patrol officers who came after the meeting started and grabbed a bite and stood near the food. The vine covered wall behind them encloses the courtyard where the food was set up. Just through the gate (by umbrella) tables and chairs were set up and the neighbors were sitting out there and speaking with the Community Liaison Police Officers. Once the cops in the pic finished their QUICK bite, they stepped through the gate and were introduced and gave a quick briefing and answered some questions. Plenty of mingling ensued. You have keen observation skills even though you made an assumption. Again, appreciate your taking the time.

Elizabeth said...

K, funny that G likes the sliced pickles. My kids too. Maybe G can go to Northwestern? ;)

heathergothitched said...

Love the puns... I can totally see you as captain of the Neighborhood Watch! So cool to have an Oscar Meyer party... I love hot dogs.

Love always,