Monday, December 17, 2012

It’s a Wrap with Disney Princess

On Friday, I wrote about my shopping adventures in pursuit of Disney princess items. Cinderella has been re-released on Blu-Ray/DVD and there are a number of Cinderella items available at Walmart this season. Today, I embarked on an adventure to figure out how I would wrap them. You may recall I said I am donating the Mattel Cinderella Transforming Carriage and the Mattel Cinderella Magiclip Castle to a local charity that provides Christmas presents to local families in need. I really wanted to wrap the gifts up to make them special and to reflect the Cinderella theme. I started with the Transforming Carriage.


When I was at Walmart, I grabbed a bunch of things from the Fabric and Party departments as a plan started to form in my head. Below, clockwise from top: Cinderella Party Plates, Cinderella Table Cover, Cinderella Birthday Princess Ribbon Pin, Cinderella Ribbon (3 feet), shimmer ribbon.


When I was in the Fabric department, I got 2 yards of semi-sheer fabric, along with the Cinderella and shimmer ribbons. Walmart also has Disney Princess dresses, shoes and accessories. I decided to make a “Cinderella Suitcase” wrapping presentation. I wrapped the carriage box in two layers of the sheer fabric. I think it is fine that you can see Cinderella through the sheer fabric…You can’t see what the toy is and the wrapping is a pretty big clue as it is. I used the three yards of Cinderella ribbon and wrapped it around the box three times to make it look like luggage straps. In the center top I attached a Cinderella tiara and behind it a white beaded headband for the “handle”. I hung a white beaded princess necklace with crystal pendant around the tiara and another longer one around that. I pinned the Cinderella birthday princess pin on the left “strap” and removed the ribbons that say “birthday”. On the right “strap”, I tucked a fairy godmother wand and tied it with a sheer ribbon bow. I used two costume jewelry bangles on the lower right and left straps to complete the suitcase. Any princess needs good traveling shoes and we know Cinderella has shoe issues…So I put an extra pair for the little princess to slip on.


Next, I tackled the Cinderella Magiclip Castle.


When I was in the Party Supplies department at Walmart, I was keeping my eyes open for things that I could use for gift wrap. I saw the Cinderella Table Cover and immediately picked it up. I really liked the idea that it could be reused. I used the whole table cover even though it was much larger than needed for the present. I just folded it in half and in half again and folded the extra length in towards the box and taped it. I wrapped the sheer ribbon around the box in both directions and put a silver shimmer bow on. As a final glimmery touch, I attached a Disney Princess tiara onto the upper front corner.


I had a lot of fun shopping for and wrapping the Disney Princess items. I hope the little princess who receives these toys loves them as much as we do. I also hope that my wrapping post gave you some ideas for your holiday season wrapping challenges. I don’t consider myself to be particularly crafty. You don’t have to be crafty for this, you just have to look around the store and even your house with a different perspective. You will start to see the possibilities…And sometimes if you just start…It all comes together in a magical way.

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Jen @ BigBinder said...

This is SO creative and clever! And I'm glad there is hope for me - I am not crafty at all...