Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life on Discovery (and my discovery)

Have you ever had those times when you look back and go, “Geez!” and kick yourself a little?  Yeah, well, I recently had one of those times.  Now let me start by saying, in the grand scheme of things, it’s NO BIG DEAL, but still, it bugs me a little.  Here’s what happened:  I was invited by The Discovery Channel to attend the premiere of their new series Life being held at The Getty Center in Los Angeles.  If you’ve never been to the Getty Center, you must go, it’s an amazing art museum, up on a hill and an architectural work of art itself.  So, this recent evening, I was running a little bit late, well kind of exactly on time, but really close, if you get my drift.  I was rushing up a flight of stairs to the theater and a nice young couple was next to me and we smiled and exchanged knowing glances of “yeah, we are kind of pushing it.”  At the top of the stairs was my friend, Maria, and another gal who was sort of yelling to the couple to hurry.  I looked over again and I thought I maybe recognized the guy, but by then we were at the top of the stairs, I was hugging Maria and we rushed in to find seats.

Many of my readers will remember the series Planet Earth from a few years ago, the same makers are responsible for Life.  The all-new 11-part series, Life, premieres Sunday, March 21 on The Discovery Channel.  Here is some info I found read in the program and press release: More than four years in the making, filmed over 3,000 days, across every continent, “Life is the definitive exploration of our planet’s living things and their spectacular, bizarre and fascinating behaviors.”  I was looking forward to the show starting.  The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra was tuning up and would be playing live throughout the show.  I looked over and saw the couple who I walked up the stairs with being escorted to seats in the front row.  I nudged Maria and asked her if she knew who they were.  She said she didn’t.  Then the show began.

I got sucked right in with amazing scenes from all over the world.  A couple of my favorites were the Brown-Tufted Capuchin monkeys from Brazil learning how to crack nuts and a male hippo in Africa that had to give up his shrinking mud puddle and search for some new digs.  The LA Philharmonic was amazing, adding to the action and drama.  It was such a nice break, like a retreat from the stress and chaos of MY life where I could just cruise around the world and watch story after story of another animal’s life.  Too soon, the episode was over.  With ten more to go, I can’t wait to see where I get to go next.  I highly recommend this show especially because it really is something totally different.  This is reality television.

Next we headed over to the central lobby area for the reception.  It was good to catch up with Maria and I ran into a couple of people I know.  Hollywood is such a small town.  The party was still going relatively strong as Maria and I decided to head out.  As we made our way through the people, I noticed the same guy from earlier.  He seemed friendly and was just casually speaking with some other guy.  I asked Maria, “Do I know that guy?”  Which can be a dangerous thing to say in Hollywood.  Because, you could be looking over at some guy in a bar, and be like, did I go to college with him?  And then realize, it’s Matt Damon.  Hey, it happens.  I know a lot of people.  Maria knows a lot of people.  We’ve been friends for over a decade, usually we can work it out.  The guy appeared friendly and cool enough that he’d be open to someone going up to him and saying, “you look really familiar.”  I even ran into a college classmate I hadn’t seen in years at the last Discovery Channel event I went to…Except I recognized her right away.  I’m just saying I know people.  It wasn’t totally crazy.  So anyway, I decided to shrug mystery guy off.

Then, the next day, it suddenly hit me who mystery guy was:  Bear Grylls!  I was talking to Chip, my 3 year old, who, along with Surfer Guy is a HUGE, ENORMOUS fan of Man vs. Wild which is Bear Gryll’s show!  I looked at Chip and said, “Chip, you won’t believe this, but I saw Bear Grylls at a party last night.”  Chip looked at me with a goofy smile and said, “Noooo…”  I explained that I didn’t realize it was him because he wasn’t crawling through a jungle, looking for bugs to eat, in fact he was all cleaned up.  I e-mailed my PR contact who confirmed that it was him at the premiere with his wife.  When Surfer Guy got home, Chip said, “Mom, are you going to tell Dad who you saw at the party last night?”  Surfer Guy was totally impressed and disappointed I didn’t talk to him.  So, you see, I am looking back and kicking myself a little.  Bear seemed like he would have gotten a kick out of me going up to him and telling him my son and husband were really huge fans and could I get a picture?  Aw, shucks, maybe I’ll get another chance.

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