Monday, March 1, 2010

Los Angeles Moms Blog Party

I am a proud contributor to the Los Angeles Moms Blog.  I was privileged to attend a very fun party last week along with some members of our soon to be launched sister site, The Orange County Moms Blog.  The event was held at the lovely Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel.  I was really excited for the opportunity to catch up in person with so many of my sisters-in-blogging.  It was an added bonus to meet so many great companies with all kinds of swell products.  My readers know that I love checking out products and experiences and reporting what I find out.  So, with that, I share with you a bit about who I met and what I learned:  BitDefender is global leader in anti-virus/internet security.  BitDefender  is about to launch which will be THE security resource for online moms.  Stride Rite shoes was on hand and I learned that they also have Keds and Sperry Topsider…All three names echo from my youth!  I was really intrigued by Litl, which is a new kind of computer that really has something for everyone.  I have decided that I must have a Litl.  As I was pondering obtaining a Litl, I happened upon Cinnabon, but not Cinnabon’s cinnamon sticky buns.  Cinnabon is actually coming out with cupcakes.  For you, my dear readers, I tasted all 4 flavors and I loved them all.  But my favorite?  The carrot cake.  To burn off the cupcakes, I kept moving on to Ebates.  Everyone who shops online should sign up for Ebates.  You get paid to shop.  I belong and get a few checks a year.  I think that says it all.  I’m going to play favorites, and the next one was a favorite: iGo was there and gave me their Charge Anywhere and I was in love.  It’s a charger that you can recharge and take so that when you are away from power, you can recharge your cell phone (as well as many other devices)!  Dole was talking about their Dole Challenge.  I needed a caffeine boost and luckily Bosch Appliances had set up shop with their Tassimo and I was able to make myself a tasty latte.  I think I need a paragraph break. Ahhhh.  This might be a good time to play Bejeweled, actually, which we received in our gift bags.
When I lived in West Hollywood, I practically lived in the Whole Foods across the street.  I’m sad that I no longer can walk to a Whole Foods.  However, I was able to walk over and chat with them at our party.  Growing up in New England, I’ve been a fan of Stonyfield Farms for a long time.  I was interested to try their new Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt, which was so tasty, it made me want to break the dish.  But, I didn’t.  I’ve used Erba Organics on both my babies and was happy to pick up some samples from them.  You just have to check Taga out to believe it.  It’s a bike…No…It’s a stroller…Wait! It’s a bike!  All I know is I want a Taga and I want one in orange, please.  Babies, the movie will be in theaters Mother’s Day Weekend and is a film that follows four babies in four different countries.  How perfect that the next table I visited was Ju-Ju-Be?  I’m a total diaper bag minimalist.  Two years ago, I found the perfect bag, the Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick in Citrus Sorbet and I was so happy to see one of my favorite brands at our party!  Next up was Joseph’s Rugs, they are doing a cool thing where you can have the service of a rug consultant online for free!  I am really looking forward to visiting Pretend City in Irvine with Chip and Lulu, it’s an interactive museum that allows kids to pretend to be the adults.
I love Skechers because you can get shoes for the whole family in one store.  So, I was very happy to see they were in attendance at the LA Moms Blog party.  I was even more excited when they offered me a pair of their new Shape Ups.  Shape Ups are shoes that promote weight loss, reduce stress on knees and tone muscles among other things.  I got a cool pair in black.  I can’t wait to try them out.  They are kind of “different” in that they look like a rocking/rolling type of sole.  But the idea is that they get you to walk a certain way in order to get all the benefits.  I learned about Bootights at the party and then received a pair to try out a few days later.  They are one of those, “Finally, someone invented this!” things.  They are tights that have a sock built in to the foot area.  The sock portion comes in ankle and mid-calf lengths, perfect for the two types of boots I have.  I highly recommend Whrrl, a cool application that allows you to “check-in” and tell stories with pictures using your mobile device or computer.  You can share your stories on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  PosePrints is a unique way to personalize your invitations and cards and Busy Body Books are a great way to keep your family organized!  Whew, what a great party and what an interesting mix of companies and products!
Photo Credits: Carla Duharte Razura of for all the photos in my post.


Joyce Rocks said...

Is ebates better than mrrebates?

Elizabeth said...

Hi JoyceTheRockStar!
Thanks for your comment. I am sorry I'm not familiar with mrrebates so can't offer a comparison.