Saturday, May 22, 2010

AJ Wright Grand Opening

AJWright Logo illus You know when you hear those stories of celebrities or royals having entire stores closed down so they can shop alone, at their leisure, during regular business hours?  Well, that happened to me!  So here’s the story: I’m a huge fan of TJ Maxx and Marshalls especially due to the fact that I’m a native of Massachusetts which is home turf for those stores.  I’ve grown up shopping them.  Another member of the TJX family which I had heard of, but never shopped in, is AJ Wright.  I was invited along with some other local Southern California bloggers to come in this past Thursday, the day before the Norwalk, CA store’s Grand Opening, to learn about the store and shop!  AJ Wright sells the same range of categories as TJ Maxx and Marshalls: shoes, babies & children’s clothes/toys, men’s & women’s clothing, home furnishings and small electronics/accessories.  The representatives on hand from AJ Wright who gave us a tour explained that prices are about 20-70% below regular store prices.

One really neat feature of AJ Wright is that there are a lot of photographs of people all over the store, hanging on the walls and from the ceilings.  These are all customers who participated in the AJ Wright Model Search contest.  In conjunction with each new store opening, A.J. Wright conducts a model search.  The Norwalk store will be holding their search on May 29th.  For info go to where you can also see where upcoming model searches will be held.

Next came our challenge!  The six of us bloggers were each presented with a $100 A.J. Wright gift card and the fully stocked, brand new, closed to the public store before us!  Woo hoo!  Off we went with about one hour to spend it all.  Interestingly, it wasn’t easy to spend it for me, because there was so much to choose from!  Did I go to kids for Chip and Lulu?  Something for the house?  A DVD?  Videogame?  Here is what I settled on: two short summer pajama sets, one Dora the Explorer, one Disney Princesses, $5.99 each, a bubble making kit $4.99, a pair of Dora the Explorer jelly ballet flats $3.99, a pair of Nike sneakers $24.99, two 2-packs of boxer briefs $4.99 each, a barbecue scrubbing brush $2.99, a black long draping cardigan $8.99, a brown long draping cardigan $9.99, a black short sleeve tunic $6.99, a brown short sleeve tunic $6.99.  Grand total with tax = $100.84.  Not a bad haul for a private shopping event!  I’d like to thank AJ Wright for inviting me to check their new store out and for their generosity.  Good luck to everyone entering the model search!

Photos courtesy of Caryn Bailey, Rockin’ Mama

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