Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Thankful List

I am thankful for:
1) my ancestors who left places like Poland, Ireland and Scotland and “went for it”.  It is with their genes running through my cells that I am thankful and find inspiration to continue to “go for it”
2) my two healthy kids
3) Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee
4) all the people along the way who have given me encouragement, many of them minor walk-on characters who have no idea the role they played
5) Ronald Reagan
6) freedom
7) ranch dressing
8) mint chocolate chip ice cream
9) opportunities that have been given to me
10) all the people who put up with me even when I’m really annoying
11) Twitter!  The resources, help and information received within minutes of asking is incredible
12) my supportive, awesome husband, Surfer Guy
13) Fox News
14) my minivan
15) my blog readers, that’s YOU!
16) the obstacles that taught me how to get creative and figure out how to win anyway
17) whoever invented epidurals
18) my ability to speak Spanish and Italian, oh the conversations I've had....
19) the World War II vet I met at the supermarket a couple of weeks ago who gave me some perspective at a much needed moment
20) the fact that I usually know who to call


Caryn B said...

Great post! You've inspired me...I'm going to write one too! Thanks for this....

Unknown said...

Excellent post! I am thankful that we met, you are inspirational! I am very happy for you, surfer guy and your lovely kiddiwinks!