Monday, May 31, 2010

Pottery Barn Kids – Beach Wraps

potterybarnkids I attended a Blogger Brunch hosted by Child’s Play Communications last month and met with some representatives from Williams-Sonoma, Inc.  It just so happens that I love every single brand that Williams-Sonoma, Inc. has and have their stuff all over my house.  Their brands are: Williams-Sonoma, Williams-Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen, and West Elm.  I especially love this time of year at Pottery Barn Kids because they always have super cool surf related kids stuff.  We live near the beach in LA and, well, I am married to Surfer Guy, so themanywraps “surfer kid” motif plays heavily in Chip and Lulu’s rooms and bathroom gear.  When Chip was born, I was so excited to order him monogrammed surf towels.  I’ve been waiting to get Lulu hers and I’m thrilled to see they have a girl one this year.  Needless to say, we spend a lot of time at the beach AND using towels.  We also spend time at the pool AND using towels and taking baths AND using towels.

OctopusWrap So back to the Blogger Brunch and the nice representatives from Williams-Sonoma!  When they heard I had two toddlers, a boy and girl, they kindly gifted me with a pair of Beach Wraps from theirSharkWrap Pottery Barn Kids Early Summer Catalog.  An octopus for Lulu and a shark for Chip.  I can’t believe how awesome these have been.  Six weeks in, they have gotten constant use and have laundered like champs.  They are used getting out of the bath, I see the kids flying by with the hoods on their heads and the towels like capes flying behind them with their post-bath silliness.  Surfer Guy really likes these maybe even more than I do because he tends to take them to the beach more than I do.  So he can literally plop the towel on their heads and wrap them up and not worry about the towel falling off them, then make their way up the sand.  The other time Surfer Guy uses the wrap is when the takes Lulu to “Parent and Me” swim at the club pool.  He actually uses the wrap as their ONLY towel!  First he wraps Lulu up, dries her up and dresses her and then he says he can use it to get dried off himself!  These are so useful and seasonless that I’m planning on giving these as presents for a bunch of upcoming birthdays.  The wraps are only $25 and come in four designs for boys and four designs for girls.  Here is more total awesomeness: these wraps come with free shipping and personalization!  Just looking at the Pottery Barn Kids website and catalogs puts me in a good mood.  I’m off to order some more wraps…and check out their new surf collection!

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