Sunday, June 20, 2010

100th Post

For some random reason, I happened to just count the number of posts I've done and realized that yesterday I wrote my 100th post!  Hmmm....Isn't that interesting that the first time I actually thought to do an accounting was a "milestone-ish" number?  Funny that it's Father's Day, considering Surfer Guy has certainly put up with a lot of my blogging craziness over the past couple of years.  What could I do to celebrate this 100 post mark?

One thing I did accomplish tonight is that you can now subscribe to my blog!  Over on the right you can now click on the orange button and get my posts in your reader OR enter your e-mail address and get my posts e-mailed to you.  Much easier than checking back, right?

So, to celebrate the 100 post-mark, I think I'll back up my computer and hit the hay.  Sounds like a plan to start the week off on a strong note.  What say ye?

Happy 100!!!  And thanks for reading!!! Love, Elizabeth

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Fresh Brothers said...

Congratulations, Liz! -- Debbie