Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bigfoot the Monster—he’s in a mood

BigFoot The legend of Bigfoot has always been fascinating to me.  I still wonder if we will ever prove the existence of Bigfoot (or Sasquatch or Yeti or Abominable Snowman or…).  But, at least for now, Fisher-Price has Bigfoot in existence and he is sure one of the hottest toys this holiday season.  This remote control toy is recommended for ages 3-8, which is just about perfect for my kids.  One of the best things about the wireless remote control is that the buttons have images on them, enabling pre-readers to maneuver Bigfoot and “see” what they are commanding him to do.

Bigfoot is also a moody blue-eyed dude—which I think is really clever for a toy.  There is a Bigfoot Facebook App that let’s you share your mood with all your friends.  I just did it and I was feeling impatient, that’s the Bigfoot Mood I shared with my FB friends…I’m betting most of my friends are nodding in agreement.  It’s a fun app and I recommend checking it out and while you’re there, entering the sweepstakes to win your own BIGFOOT the Monster.  Because winning an awesome toy during the holidays puts ANYONE in a good mood!

I have been compensated for my participation in this campaign.


Bigfoot Toy said...

Moody huh? I prefer to think of myself as "complicated" or maybe "mercurial", but not moody. Now I'm gonna go sulk...

Unknown said...

My eldest wants this toy... I think it reminds her of her Daddy! lol