Monday, December 6, 2010

There’s a Sauza Holiday Party in My House Tonight


And you are invited!  This evening, Monday December 6, Chef Marcela Valladolid whom some of you may know from her Food Network Show, “Mexican Made Easy” is coming to my house to share some of her favorite holiday recipes using  Sauza® Tequila.  I’ve been a fan of Marcela’s since I saw her compete on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice a few years ago and am really looking forward to meeting her tonight.  I’m fairly convinced I may have been Mexican in a former life because it is my favorite cuisine.  Chef Marcela will get the Sauza® Tequila out for a Ladies Night in with some of my really great food and mom blogger friends from all over So. California.  Here is the best part though…YOU are invited too!  You can join in the fiesta because we are streaming this live on Sauza's Facebook page from 7:15 PST - 8:30 PST.

Marcela is going to demonstrate and share her recipes including a shrimp dish I got some pre-party intelligence on—you won’t want to miss.  She is also going to make some tasty cocktails, because, it’s not a party at my house without some tasty beverages.  I love a margarita and am intrigued that Marcela will be showing us how to make her favorite Warm Winter Margarita.  Oh, and it gets even better!  I’ve got some of my favorite bloggers co-hosting with me: Sugar Jones, Deb Lavdas and Ana Flores.  In addition to talking to us live on the Sauza Facebook page, you can send your questions about tequila, Mexican Cuisine, general cooking questions…ask away to #LadiesNightInLA on Twitter and Marcela will answer them live.  Make sure you are following all of us on Twitter: @MintCool @laflowers @sugarjones and @deblavdas to get in on the party fun.  If you can't catch the webcast but want to join the discussion, visit enter #LadiesNightInLA and you are good to go!  It’s going to be a blast, so make sure you grab your bottle of Sauza and get ready to follow along.  I’ll see you tonight!

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Savvy Sassy Moms said...

Super Excited for the event tonight! Thanks for hosting all of us:)