Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Win an Ipod Touch, yes, really

IphoneMintThank you all for entering and for your patience.  A winner was selected by random.org.  however, they did not respond within 72 hours per the contest rules.  Thus, the second place entrant was contacted and they have claimed their prize: #11, Tara from CA!  Congrats to Tara and I hope you enjoy your new Ipod Touch.

How seriously excited was I when the good people at Intuit contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their new Mint.com Mobile application and would I like an Ipod Touch to try it out on?  Oh, and, would I like another Ipod Touch to give away to one of my loyal fans?  I think of an Ipod Touch as a cross between and Iphone and an Ipod.  You can download music, tv shows, movies and applications (apps) and have them all available on the touch screen right in your hand.

Almost everyone needs to keep track of their money.  Do you every wonder where all your money went?  Mint.com is an awesome website that allows you to do all kinds of things to manage your financial life, from tracking spending to calculating your net worth.  But, let’s be realistic that saving receipts and entering it in on your computer is a hassle for a lot of people and something they just don’t have the time to do.  Now you have no excuse.  You have your Mint.com mobile app available at your fingertips and getting it won’t affect your budget….It’s a free download!  The free Mint.com iPhone app gives you the same simple, secure and powerful experience you get from the web service.MintiPhone-Budgets Check your balances and deposits.  Know exactly where your money goes.  Budget with ease.   Alerts show up right in the app, so you’ll know immediately when you've gone over budget or encountered some unusual spending.  You can check how much cash you have in your checking account, your total credit card debt, and all your other account balances right from your iTouch/iPhone. You’ll always have the freshest data, synchronized with your Mint.com account, and updated automatically.  I have taken the app for a spin and am amazed at how easy it is to use.  Anyone can download the free software for their computer at Mint.com, so even if you don’t yet have your iTouch or iPhone, you can still utilize the same great features.  Can’t wait to get started, right?  So here is your chance to win your very own Ipod Touch and make the Mint.com Iphone App your first download!

The excellent people at Intuit (yes, home to TurboTax) have provided me one 8GB iPod Touch to be awarded to one of my readers.  With a retail value of $199.00, this would be a fabulous Christmas present for one of my loyal followers.  Here is how you enter: Contest period runs from Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at midnight (Pacific) until Monday, December 14, 2009 at midnight (Pacific). Enter by leaving a comment stating what your favorite thing to spend money on is (have fun, be creative, your answer has no bearing on your chances of winning), and leave your e-mail address OR sign in to comments using your Blogger ID, make sure your Blogger profile is public and includes your e-mail address. If you don't leave a comment that includes your favorite thing to spend money on and your e-mail address or public Blogger profile, your entry will be disqualified.  One entry per person.  I reserve the right to extend the contest period.  Winner must provide a US mailing address. At the end of the contest period, I will utilize Random.org to randomly choose a winner. Winner will be contacted by e-mail.  Winner has 72 hours to respond to my e-mail. If winner does not respond within 72 hours, the iPod Touch will go to the second place winner as decided by Random.org. Good luck!


heathergothitched said...

Oooooh, this is sooooo cooooool! Okay, my favorite thing to spend money on is my family! The cutest outfits for the kids (I have a princess on board along with a punker) and going out with my hottie of a hubby! love Love LOVE your blog!

Love always,

Kathy mkgstar@yahoo.com said...

Oh, gosh... so many things to spend money on... my son who is 6 and has very expensive tastes. HE wants the Ipod touch; my house - all the wonderful plans I have for expanding my front entrance and putting in bay windows; and ME - mostly dance class and lots of good health things for me - massage, acupuncture, etc. Good thing there is an unlimited supply of dollars (:

Kathy mkgstar@yahoo.com

Sandra Correll said...

How fun!

My favorite thing to spend money on - FANCY CAMERA EQUIPMENT!! Sadly I rarely have the opportunity to do so but man oh man do I ever get giddy.

Actually though in all honesty, thanks a ton for posting about the app - my husband has an itouch (I want one too, we're always fighting over it ;)) - I think we will get this as it looks like a great way to manage the cash! And maybe I could afford more camera stuff if I had a good way to keep the budget tighter ;)

Did you know there is an app where you can actually control your camera with your itouch??

Anyway - info@clickyphotography.com I would love it!!

Anonymous said...

Easy....I did it this past week! My favorite thing to spend money on is Antiques! And the best part about it this past week in Three rivers, California was I spent OPM....other people's money! My friend loves milk glass and so do I....so I bought a few pieces for myself and then called her and she gave me a pretty high spending limit and I went wild buying more for her!!!!!-Judye

Shemaine Smith said...

My favorite thing to spend money on {besides my kids of course} is scrapbooking supplies. My hobby is total therapy for this stay at home mom plus I'm scrapping away my children's memories for them to enjoy as adults. I invite you stop by my scrappy little blog!www.scraptasicdesigns.blogspot.com
my email shemainesmith@yahoo.com

Kerri said...

My favorite thing to spend money on? Yarn, cloth diapers and tea! :) To be honest, I would love to win this to give to my dad for Christmas - otherwise I will be spending money on an iPOd touch too!

Thanks so much this is great!


Caryn B said...

That is a really tough question because I know what I *should* say (clothes and books for my son and soon to be born baby girl). But I really love spending money on pampering (massages, manicures, pedicures)....not that I've done this lately or have had the money to do this but that is what I really like spending money on....that and traveling.....

Poists said...

Wow my Favorite thing to spend money on it's two things really. The selfish one is on cheese and food I've never tasted before. It's a way of exploring worlds and countries I'm not free to travel to all the time.
The unselfish one is Toys for Tots at Christmas. Totally love buying a toy for a kiddo or two that aren't mine and are most likely excited just to get a gift. My husband and I started this when we first started dating and now it's a tradition. Utter blast and favorite way to spend money.

Love this idea.

Dana said...

Aside from having enough money to pay the regular bills, I love to spend money on my kids (summer camp, vacations) and my husband (electronic gadgets). If there's any left over, I'd love to spend money on myself for a weekly massage and a personal chef!

Dana - dlb96@aol.com

Unknown said...

Well, honestly, I do not love to spend money on anything, as we are always watching our budget! However, I do love to get the family good food, and we also spend on family vacations a couple of times a year. It is so important to get away together as a family, and it reminds us of our uniqueness and closeness, which sometimes gets lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life - work, school, homework, classes, teaching, etc. So I guess that's the answer - family vacations!


TaraMetBlog said...

My favorite thing to spend money on is gadgets and DVDs actually.

Jo said...

Tough to narrow down to just one thing but if I have to pick, my favorite thing to spend money on is cute girly outfits for my daughter. I can never seem to resist even when I am supposed to be shopping for my son :)


Anonymous said...

giving offering at church

haroldhchoi at gmail dot com

SJINCO said...

My favorite thing to spend money on would have to be coffee. And perfume.


Vanessa Sokic said...

OH if money grew on trees!! I love to buy a new purse! Just bought 2 last weekend with all those crazy sales! A purse is great...you don't have to go in a dressing room and take off all your clothes to try it on-and they ALWAYS fit!! But boy could I use some help on my spending...I'm broke! Would love to win!! ~Vanessa


ESC said...

i love to spend money on electronics! then sad to see them go out of style

eugenechoi at hotmail dot com

Drew M. said...

Spanish Wine. Red.


Elsa Otero-Salazar said...

So many things out there to spend money on! But it boils down to 1)home improvement, in and out, 2)vacations, and 3)arts and crafts...my husband keeps saying he should buy stocks at Jo Anns and Michaels, since they must do very well, considering how much money I spend there!!!!
And I could seriously use an ipod touch, especially since it can be SUPER useful with all the apps it has for my line of work...

Unknown said...

Awesome! Aside from buying things for my son, I LOVE to spend money on purses! A new purse or wallet always makes me smile...until I realize I spent the money that should go inside of it. ;)


laurie said...

I do spend a ridiculous amount of money on dark chocolate candy bars from Trader Joes. i was suddenly advised by my doctor a year ago to cut out caffeinated coffee and tea due to a sudden onset of SVT(super fast heartbeat, blah blah blah). Telling a woman with a five year old and one year old and full time business to give up caffeine is like asking...oh i would think of something clever to say but I'm too tired.

so now I buy a ridiculous amount of dark chocolate bars at trader joes to get my caffeine fix. I eat it for breakfast. really. so sad. they never said anything about giving up chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I love to spend money on FOOD!


Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway, and great info about the app. So I love to spend money buying others presents - like an awesome Godson!


Cara said...

My favorite thing to spend money on is travel. We love to go back and forth between LA and Connecticut, but also on little weekend getaways as a family, exploring new places nearby. Our next big trip: driving from the Northeast to Florida with two little kids. No matter what happens, it'll be a memorable adventure!

Anonymous said...

My fave thing to spend money on is the kids...oh, and good food. :)

Joanne joanne@ucla.edu

erin m said...

i love spending money on cute clothes...for the whole fam. and on fun...disneyland, dinners, days out w/ the fam. wish we could do it more often!!


Anonymous said...

I love spending money on my daughter, hubby and spa treatments


Kevin & Stephanie said...

Hhhmmm. While I do love to buy stuff for my various crafting obsessions (scrapbooking, crosstitching, etc), that isn't my favorite. The times I have joy spending money are when we (the kids and I) are enjoying a great activity/experience. Examples: Disneyland, museums, our road trip stops at local attractions. So much fun to enjoy the experience through my own eyes as well as that of two innocent children.


Anonymous said...

I love to spend money on my kids!
Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

food and jeans


MIGNON said...

oohhh wow...i just love spending money..these days i mostly buy everything there is for my cutest little boy (7months)..and clothes to make me look thin after pregnancy.


Erin said...

I like to spend money on my friends. When I go on trips, I like to take a friend along and cover their expenses. I'm happy to have them along, especially on a trip they might not be able to go on otherwise!

Erin (geterin at gmail.com)

Anonymous said...

My money goes to traveling! I love to explore new places, from cross-country trips through the US, to South America & Europe. Maybe Asia soon! [pattilister - at - gmail.com]

Karen said...

We have been considering getting an ipod for my 6 yr son. He has trouble communicating and there is a new ap that could help him out with that. I think we will eventually get one but if we could win one that would be awesome!
My favorite thing to spend money on are various outings with my family such as the aquarium, zoo, amusement parks, etc.
Karen kmartin76@mac.com

Anonymous said...

That's pretty neat Elizabeth! You already know what I love to spend money on I think - family, entertaining, and togetherness. I also love to do random acts of kindness, donate to charity & help others, but you knew that too. I'm sure you will think of someone deserving of this gift!

Jules said...

I love to spend money on my kids. Buying them books and clothes. As most peole these days, we are tryng to cut back. I like to buy tech stuff for myself and my husband.


dadel said...

Love spending money on my granddaughters. Girls are so much fun to buy for.


Timothy, Laura & Callum Joyce said...

I love spending money period so there's a list of things! But, top of the list...cameras, pampering, dinners and toys for my little guy. I think it's why I'm so broke :-)



Biggabeez said...

I love spending money on gifts for people. It's so much fun to think of what someone would enjoy having. I also love spending my money on clothes for everyone in my family as well as wine!


Anonymous said...

It's hard to narrow it down to just one thing, so I'll pick 2 - makeup and Vera Bradley bags and accessories. :-)

Suzanne F

momof5 said...

Oh awesome!!!! Free I love the BEST!!!! Being a mother of Five, I'd say the things I like to spend money on are items that enrich my childrens lifes... Lessions for piano, volin, ballet, etc... I love sharing in thier happiest when they achieve the levels they aspire. Mary@lmcohen.com

April said...

I like to spend my money on theatre :)

Mint sounds awesome, and Intuit is a really good co.

admccaffery at gmail dot com

Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing to spend money on is my horses!!!! And that is easy to do....believe me:). You always make me laugh!


Anonymous said...

I love to spend money buying clothes & toys for my son and of course tons and tons of Electronic gadgets for my hubby.

Anonymous said...

I love to spend money on gifts for my children...especially during this time of the year.


Eunice said...

take out, so I don't have to cook dinner

eunicechoi at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

yoga classes


Sandra said...

I like to eat, so my favorite thing to spend money on is food. Can I eat an Ipod touch?


Joyce Rocks said...

I spend my $$ on mp3s. I put it into my shuffle and go through the day at work and working out. Now, with an iPod Touch, the possibilities are endless!



Melinda Biezonsky said...

I love to spend money on spa treatments. But since I had my 2 boys I don't set much time aside for my self. I love anything spa related...facials, massage, wraps, mani/pedi. What I actually spend my money on is kid clothing and food ~ big eaters at our house. Thanks Elizabeth!


Unknown said...

How fun! I hope I win! My favorite thing to spend money on is Scrapbooking supplies! I love to scrapbook, it keeps me sane! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

candy and cookies. I really need to find that article linking sugar addiction to alcoholism.

ronaldhchoi at gmail dot com


IPOD TOUCH CONTEST REPLY- Constantly spending finding arcane replacement batteries for gadgets (cordless phones, laptops, old camcorders, etc.); if only there were unlimited cycles of recharging!


Just in case winner, mail to:
PO BOX 3511 Orlando, Fl 32802

PS Ever read Mint user agreement? You give them power of attorney in gaining access to your accounts - made me nervous...

teachmama said...

okay....I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.

My email address, should I be picked for this rockin' contest--


morninglight mama said...

Hmmmm... I enjoy spending money (when I can!) on my hubby-- a good book, or a nice little gift to show that I'm thinking of him. That's what I like. :)

Selfish Mom said...

My favorite thing to spend money on is anything really high quality. I buy cheap crap so often thinking I'm getting a deal, so when I actually buy a great pair of shoes or a really fantastic sweater it really makes me happy.


Elise said...

Great giveaway! I love spending money on clothes, for me, for my daughter, for my husband, it really doesn't matter I love to buy clothes.

kimberly/tippytoes said...

Mint looks super helpful! I love to buy clothes for my kids - their clothes are so much cuter than mine! But if I'm buying for myself - nice yarn without a project in mind. It always feels like a splurge.

kimberlykauer at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I love to spend money. It doesn't matter what for I just love to see money, get money, smell money and spend money. I haven't done any of this lately so I miss it! But, if anyone was going to have my money spent on them, it would always be my three boys. :) Good luck everyone!


Susan Bearman said...

How fun! OK, truth be told, I love to spend money on clothes for my daughter. She's 18 and has the body I never had, so it's really much more fun to shop for her than for me.

Thanks for the chance to win.


2kopeople at gmail dot com

hellokittiemama said...

I want one of these for myself - I bought one for hubby and have envy.

My fav thing to spend on would be my husband, but I'm buying him gifts with HIS MONEY! LOL!!! Oh and the kids too, my daughter would like me to spend more money on her American Girl!


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Well of course my favorite thing to spend money on is ME!! :)

Stimey said...

My favorite thing to spend money on is books. I could probably spend $100 every day at a bookstore. The problem is finding time to read everything.

stimeyland at gmail dot com

Riva Takahashi said...

I would love an Ipod Touch.

My favorite thing to spend money is actually on beautiful things, such as Vera Bradley bags; nutcracker and sparkly snowflake and candy cane ornaments; vintage, floral towels from Anthropologie; silk drapery; plates and platters for entertaining from South Living at Home; vintage-looking bedsheets; and crystal chandeliers.


Rachel said...

Food, glorious food! I spend tons of money on food for home cooking and even more when we dine out.

Brighter Schemata said...

When I look at my credit card statements, it would seem that my favorite things to spend money on are Trader Joe's and gas. Not so far off, good food and driving adventures are always fun.

brigitta at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

heat and electricity


Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

Non practical things I like spending my money on? Buying panties! I love buying fun cute underwear. kimstoys at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love to spend my money on clothes, eating out and trips. K.doss (at) verizon (dot) net

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing to spend my money traveling with my family! Getting away from the daily grind and building lasting memories for my kids is very important! We try to do it as economically as possible, but I have no regret not doing so staying at a nice hotel!


Unknown said...

My favorite thing to spend money on is vacations!!
Thanks for the chance to win a very cool giveaway!
eclaireham at yahoo dot com

fidget said...

my favorite thing(s) to spend money on? Art supplies and kitcheny things. If I ever get my hands on a DSLR, I will spend all my money on camera related stuff

fidgetblogs at gmail dot com

Jared Hallows said...

Dew...it's all about the Mt. Dew...I love spending my money on Dew.


Socially Awkward Girl said...

Taking my 3 boys to science centers & water parks are my favorite things to spend money on. :)


37 Questions said...

My fave thing to spend money on is traveling! But since we usually don't have enough to go anywhere fabulous now that we've got kids, my second favorite is hiking books. I can plan and dream about the trips I will be taking during the year.

Corry said...

I've heard about that application other places . . . I may just have to check it out now!

Anyway, my favorite thing to spend money on is traveling and FOOD! Not just any food, but trying new foods! It's rare I can afford it, but when I splurge a couple of times a year, I don't pull any punches! The best example I have is last year over New Year's, my two best friends and I all flew to NYC (we live in different parts of the country) and spent a few days there. One of the main goals of our trip was to eat at the famous Morimoto restaurant (we'd been to the original location in Philly before). Between the three of us, including the tip, we spent over $500 on one meal -- the best meal any of us had ever had. I've rarely had a person not call me crazy for it, but I don't regret it for an instant, even if it means eating PB&J Sandwiches for the next two months following! :P

Thanks for holding this contest! :)


Mare said...

My favorite thing to spend money on are surprises. For example, I surprised my husband for our anniversary by getting tickets to Paul McCartney, but even better, we had first row. He could not believe we were walking all the way to the front of the venue.


KB said...

Let's see - other than myself? I love spending money on my family and friends. My sister has very ecclectic tastes so I enjoy finding things that suite her styles and philosophies! Who doesn't like spending money?? :)

kerrie at mchsi.com

Anonymous said...

yarn to make clothes for my grandsons


Jess L said...

My favorite thing to spend money on, besides my kids, is books! I like to have a big 'ole stack of books to choose from.

Gunther said...

I love to spend money on camera accessories or anything related to photography. Thanks for the giveaway. (gunther512 at gmail dot com)

Reva Skie said...

I love to shop the "unclaimed freight" type places. You can find the most random stuff you never knew you needed. I also have a tea addiction. I probably have a box or tin of tea for every day in December and then some.

Elizabeth said...

I can't even figure out what, exactly, I like to spend money on because I seem to spend money on just about everything and am a bit of a profligate. Maybe I should narrow it down to what I like to spend money on that I never have enough money to spend on and that would probably be art and furniture for my little house. Oh, and I'd love to xeriscape my yard and garden.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Private tutor(s) for my kids while we travel the world. Not necessarily staying at the best places, but really roughing it & then enjoying luxary. These tutors would also be experts in the countries (food, culture, language) we visit.

Anonymous said...

wow, hope I win. may not be the most exciting thing, but I loooooove spending money taking my kids (individually) out to eat. We have a rotating "daddy day" system set up where I take on of my three kids to the food place of their choice. There really is no better place to spend my money than on a date with my girls or an outing with my son.

Number two would be on an ipod touch for my wife (no kidding). she wants one for christmas really bad, so here's to hoping to win!


Melanie Sheridan said...

For myself, definitely shoes. I've bought two pairs in the past three weeks and I talked my Gramma into buying me a pair as a Christmas gift.

For my husband, blue shirts. He has bright blue eyes and I like finding just the right shade that will make his eyes pop. I admit, that's more for me than him, but he hates to shop and doesn't know how to dress himself so it all works out. :D

For my son, books. The last few months his reading ability has just exploded. He's in second grade but reading at a 3rd or 4th grade level. We went to the library yesterday and got him his first library card. He was so proud! Anything I can do to encourage his love of reading, I will.

Unknown said...

my favorite thing to spend money on is for the poor...


Anonymous said...

I like to spend my money on food and groceries!


Carma Sez said...

my favorite thing to spend money on is juggling props for my son :-)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Gambling... gotta spend money to make money!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a great giveaway!!! My fave thing to spend money on is travel and my husband's fave thing is gadgets!! Technology gadgets!! So I hope I win this to give to him so I can spend more on travel!!

Thanks for the awesome chance to win!!

Jack Steiner said...

My favorite thing to spend money on is my family, followed by myself. If I won the iPod Touch I'd have a field day singing along with Tevye, "If I were a rich man..."

OTOH, maybe it is better if I don't sing. ;)

Unknown said...

I love spending moola on makeup!

kayla seng said...

me and my family if am not shopping for clothes or gadgets for myself it would be for my brothers and sister.


Anonymous said...

I like to spend my money on purses. KarleyKatich (at) yahoo (dot) com